Excerpts From the Books


            The third thing I remember about the Mt. Baker climb is that it was then we learned that Jimi Hendrix had been one of the students Stan had counseled at Garfield High School in the 1950s.


            I liked those mornings when the Huskies were going to play and you didn't have to worry or anything about what to do.

             From: I Climbed Mt. Rainier With Jimi Hendrix's High School Counselor - And other stories of the Pacific Northwest


           The African ran swiftly down the village road leading from the compound to the house of Mr. Andoah who worked in the clinic. Barefooted children, carrying buckets of stream water in the early morning light, turned, still sleepy-eyed, toward the fast moving man, as the goats and chickens wandering in his path leaped over a ways. As he approached Andoah's, his legs a blur of motion, his arms pumping furiously, he began to cry out in a high piercing scream: "Kwaku!—Kwaku! Come quickly... Mr. Glen... He is not well... His head—Blood—There is no breath..."

             From: Glen



           The lions, which had been resting near a bush and leaped to their feet the moment Mark had grabbed for the branch, now stood motionless, glancing to the side, panting in the hot afternoon sun, only at times looking directly at them.

            From: On the Wide African Plain and Other Stories of Africa