On the Wide African Plain and Other Stories of Africa

Summary of stories:

  •  Stuck in a vehicle in a dry riverbed among the lions of the East African Amboseli Reserve, a young American couple resort to desperate measures for survival, as a murder unfolds in Mombasa on the Indian Ocean, with roots in the 1973 Arab OPEC oil embargo.


  • An American teacher, living in a small village in West Africa, contemplates his existence.


  • From dawn to dusk, a foreigner takes a solo walk through the West African city of Accra, the capital of Ghana, and into the massive, central Makola Market.


  • Miss Preston, teaching physics to the brightest students of her secondary school, discovers the source of their growing discontent.


      Read these fictional stories plus six others of Africa, the brightest continent.


Rick Fordyce is the Author of I climbed Mt. Rainier with Jimi Hendrix's High School Counselor.Name: On the Wide African Plain and Other Stories of Africa

ISBN: 978-I-945756-00-9

Publisher: Merrimack Media

Pages: 173


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"...as you move through each story and details accumulate, the sense of place that emerges is strong."

Cape Cod Times, 1/29/17