On the Wide African Plain

Rick Fordyce books releases On the Wide African PlainOn the Wide African Plain and Other Stories of Africa JUST RELEASED.


A new book featuring 10 ficitonal stories based in Africa, where Rick taught High School Math and English for two years with the Peace Corps. Find this book today on Amazon.


On the Wide African Plain and other stories from Africa by Rick Fordyce 





Mount Rainier with Jimmy Hendrix manager


I Climbed Mt. Rainier With Jimi Hendrix's High School Counselor and Other Stories of the Pacific Northwest

Eleven literary stories of the Pacific Northwest, the title story the actual account of climbing Mt. Rainier with the former high-school counselor of Seattle-born Jimi Hendrix. Plus ten other fiction stories of such northwest topics as: The 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair Bubbleator; Sea-Tac airport; the University of Washington Huskies; Tinys Fruitstand; and Fiorini Ski School



Glen a novel by Rick Fordyce









GLEN a novel

The tale of a Vietnam veteran's journey from the 1960s middle-class wealth of the Pacific Northwest, to a rural village in 1970s West Africa with the Peace Corps, his final home.